'What is your passion?'

Hi, my name is Jasmine or Jazzy or Jazz or Jay and sometimes, Jazzyfizzlewizzle (only my mum calls me that!)..... Anyway, I wanted to start sharing some of my thoughts, ideas and other things by blogging. I'm not sure how it all works so please be patient and kind! This is my first EVER blog.

What I would like to know is, 'What is your passion?'

The reason I'm asking is to see how many children out there have a passion and what they do with it. My passion is drawing and as you can see I have started to show the world this by having a website and creating a colouring book (I'm working on my next one) and other items with my artwork on them. These are all for sale in my online shop and recently, I attended my first business fair and showcased my work!

This means my passion has grown into a business and I've become an entreprenure! I sold my colouring book and even had requests to sign it.

I also sold colouring postcards, colouring greeting cards, colouring t-shirts and colouring tote bags on my stall and had two of my friends help me on the day.

Nathan, Jasmine & Arabella

The main thing that I really enjoyed about the day was that I was able to talk about what I do, my passion and everyone seemed interested. It made me feel fantastic to be able to share what I'd achieved.

Talking about my passion :)

One of my favourite moments was receiving my graduation award by Margaret Casely-Hayford for completing 1 year at the UltraKids Club!

If I hadn't joined I wouldn't be doing all of this and wouldn't have met so many new friends and really cool people like Julian Hall, my Ultra Hero....we can all be Ultra Cool Kids with our Ultra Passions and especially with our Ultra Parents that help us too!

So, my message to you all is this:

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, have fun and enjoy your life. Just be Ultra You!

Please post your comments below and thank you for reading :)

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